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The purpose of this web site is to provide ready access to materials exposing the details of financial scams and frauds. Much of the material comes from government agencies (such as the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation) and from organizations devoted to exposing such scams.

Scams are nothing new. Scams were known to the early Greeks and Romans. There have been financial scams throughout the history of the United States as well. Today, however, due to advances in telecommunications and the Internet, it seem to be easier than ever to initiate a scam,

Of course, the old schemes never die. Land schemes are a perennial presence. Pyramid schemes take on new fancy names such as the "funnel system" but have changed little. Nigerian, or "419 schemes" have been around for years, but twenty years ago the perpetrators had to at least come up with envelopes and postage. Today, using the Internet for delivery of their schemes, these fraudsters are flooding our mailboxes.

In today's tough economy, credit counseling schemes offer a tempting relief to the over-burdened debtor seeking a way out of his predicament.

And of course, there are always new schemes to deal with. Among the most recent are the foreign exchange trading scams (or Forex) which promise quick riches in what is really a zero-sum game.

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